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Access Points Behind Red Are Not Showing Up In Pending Access Points Sophos XG


Here in this article we will discuss how to sort out the issue when sophos access points behind red are not able to connect to sophos XG firewall configured in standard or transparent split mode.


When we are configuring RED interface in standard split mode or transparent split mode only the traffic destined to networks mentioned in split networks tab will pass through red tunnel.

Lets understand how access point works, when we switch on the access point it will try to connect to magic IP ( and that request should hit sophos XG firewall, only then it will be connected.

So, when the access point is connected to red interface we must add magic IP ( in split network section under red interface configuration. Only then traffic to split networks will reach firewall through red tunnel.


Refer to this article for red configuration:

Sophos XG red interface

Once the interface is configured properly. Open the specific red interface under network >> interfaces tab and identify split networks under red interface configuration. Click on the add new item as shown in below image.

new host
add new item

Now fill the magic IP details as shown in below image

magic ip
Magic IP

and click save once you added magic IP address in the red interface.

It will look like this once you have been added magic IP address in split networks

red settings
Red settings

Click Save on red configuration again.

Navigate to Administration >> Device Access

Enable wireless on red zone.

Click on Apply.

Now access points behind RED will be able to connect to sophos XG firewall.

Hope this article helps you.