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Sophos XG Firewall: User portal is not accessible

This article is useful when user is trying to access user portal in sophos xg firewall and it is not accessible. It will be caused due to different scenarios and here we listed some of them. Issue: User portal is not accessible from the external network (WAN) Resolution-1: Make sure that the User Portal is selected for WAN interface under¬†Administration […]

Sophos XG Firewall: SSL VPN link is not working in user portal

Issue: When User clicks on SSL VPN link in user portal, it is not responding. Resolution: This article is designed under assumption that, you have already configured SSL VPN but unable to download SSL VPN link from the user portal. In case if you need assistance in configuring SSL VPN, you can refer to this article: https://support.sophos.com/support/s/article/KB-000035542?language=en_US Under configure section […]