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How To Add ISDB In Fortigate Firewall Policy

Here in this article let us understand how to add ISDB in fortigate firewall policy in place of destination to allow traffic for that destination ISDB. ISDB:ISDB means internet service database which consists of many IP address that domain consists. Fortigate firewall will have many ISDB, like google DNS, amazon which will consists of all of their IP address. Requirement: […]

How To Configure LAN To LAN Firewall Policy In Fortigate Firewall

Here in this article, let us discuss how to configure firewall policy between two different networks which are connected to two different ports of the firewall. First step you need to configure two different ports with two different subnets. Configuring port4 for “” and port5 with “”. Configuration of port4: Under Network >> interfaces section, click on port4 Since it […]