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AD SSO live users are disconnecting from sophos XG

Issue: AD SSO live users are regularly loosing the authentication of its live users. Resolution-1: First ensure you have integrated and configured active directory set up correctly. You can use the following article for the same: If configuration is correct and still facing the issue, disable “HTTP challenge redirect on intranet zone” under services tab under authentication as shown below […]

CAA is not authenticating when configuring firewall as explicit proxy

Issue: If sophos XG firewall configured as explicit proxy unable to authenticate with CAA. Here is the sample network diagram Troubleshooting: Before going to troubleshoot this issue, first try to confirm whether you have configured CAA correctly. You can use this article for the same First we will understand the authentication process of client authentication agent. When user is trying […]

How to configure CAA in sophos XG firewall

Overview: The Client Authentication Agent (CAA) is a lightweight agent for the sole purpose of authenticating users with the XG Firewall. Here in this article we will describe process to install client authentication agent to authenticate users with sophos XG firewall. Process: Please login to the firewall and click on authentication Click on Client downloads You can click on Download […]

Sophos Xg: How to view live users in STAS

Overview: Here in this article we will learn how to view live users in STAS client. Process: Here is the working process of STAS in sophos XG User will login to work station and authentication request will be sent to domain controller where STAS is installed. To view the live users in STAS client, launch STAS application click on advanced […]

Sophos XG: Active directory group membership working process

Here in this article we will learn group membership working methodology when user authenticate with the firewall. Before going through this article, please look into this article and understand how to imports the groups from active directory https://docs.sophos.com/nsg/sophos-firewall/18.0/Help/en-us/webhelp/onlinehelp/nsg/sfos/learningContent/AuthenticationConfigureActiveDirectory.html Issue: Once the user authenticates with user portal, user is falling under open group instead of his own group under active directory. […]