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Home LAN network and Corporate LAN Network Conflicting Sophos Connect Client

Issue Description: User is connected to corporate LAN network through sophos connect client VPN. User home network range is “” and corporate LAN network is also using the same range ““. So if user connected through sophos connect client VPN is pinging any corporate LAN IP address, request will not pass through sophos connect client VPN tunnel instead request will […]

Sophos Connect Performance Issues in XG firewall

Sophos Connect RDP connections are freezing out and disconnecting Here in this article we will discuss how to troubleshoot RDP disconnection issue while is sophos connect as a VPN client. Troubleshooting: First make sure you have configured sophos connect client properly, you can use the following article for the same: If sophos connect client traffic is dropping out, that could […]

Sophos Connect Client Configuration

Here in this article we will discuss how to configure sophos connect client in detail Process: Sophos connect client is used as an IPsec remote access client to access the remote LAN network with confidentiality. Login to the sophos XG firewall GUI and click on VPN >> IPsec Remote Access and fill up all the details. General Settings IPsec remote […]

Sophos XG: Unable to download sophos connect client from user portal

Here in this article we will clarify why user’s unable to download the Sophos Connect Client 2.1 from the Userportal . Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s) Sophos Firewall  Issue: When user is downloading sophos connect client from user portal, it is downloading in the txt file format, and they were unable to execute it. Resolution: Step-1: Make […]