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How To Troubleshoot Reporting Issues In Sophos XG

Issue: Here in this article we will troubleshoot the issue when reports are not displaying properly in sophos XG firewall. Troubleshooting: Below is the sample scenario where the traffic dashboard in the sophos firewall is showing under blank reports Check the status of logging and security policies: Log firewall traffic must be enabled on firewall rue to generate reports for […]

How To Download Reports Sophos XG

Overview: Here in this article we will discuss how to download reports from sophos XG firewall. Process: Click on reports and go to applications and web tab Under show option, you can search for different categories such as Blocked user apps, user risks and usage as shown in below image Based on the category we selected under show option, view […]

How to view web reporting for users in sophos XG

Overview: In this article we will describe how to configure web reporting for users. Prerequisites: Ensure sophos firewall should be able to identify users. For example configure active directory, STAS, captive portal authentication etc. Log traffic option should be enabled in the firewall rule to generate reports. 3. We need to enable the concerned web policy in firewall rule as […]

Sophos XG: Troubleshooting common reporting issues

Issue: Here in this article we will learn how to troubleshoot common reporting issues in sophos XG firewall. Troubleshooting: Verify local reporting is enabled: First verify if on-box-reports and DB services are active Login to the sophos firewall CLI, you can use the following article for the same: https://support.sophos.com/support/s/article/KB-000038697?language=en_US Enter to device console by typing number 4. In the console […]

Sophos XG Firewall: Unable to generate any log & report

Issue: Our Customer’s XG can’t generate any log & report. It stopped and no any further log generated. We have checked all the log’s option, but it stopped ******************************************************************************************************************* Resolution: This could be due to some data base errors Please login to the firewall You can refer to this article for logging into sophos XG firewall: https://support.sophos.com/support/s/article/KB-000038697?language=en_US Select Option 5 […]