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How To Disable Weak Cipher Suites In WAF Sophos UTM

Here in this article we will describe how to disable some weak cipher suites in sophos UTM firewall for web server protection. First we need to identify weak cipher suites in sophos UTM, you can use SSL Labs official website. Here in the link for SSL LABS test: “https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/” After performing SSL LABS test, we observed some weak cipher suites […]

How To Configure Web Server In Sophos XG firewall

Here in this article we will discuss how to host web server behind sophos XG firewall. Sophos XG firewall will act as web application firewall and it will protect web server from exploits and various types of attacks. WAF rules will be used to specify virtual web servers and translate these to physical servers without configuring DNAT rules. Using path […]

Attachments with more than 1 MB rejecting by WAF

Issue: Customer is accessing email server through web application firewall protection in sophos XG firewall. When customer is sending emails that are greater than size 1MB, they were getting failed. Troubleshooting: Whenever users sending attachments through WAF, by default it will allow size below 1MB. If the size of attachments greater than 1MB, emails will be failed to deliver. So […]