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Website Is Not Loading With HTTPS Decryption Enabled

Here in this article we will troubleshoot the issue when website is not accessible due to HTTPS decryption enabled in sophos XG firewall. First let us understand the issue in detail, consider one LAN machine in the internal network trying to access “outlook.com” and the web page is not loading. Identify the concerned firewall rule and check if HTTPS decryption […]

How To Allow Single Website And Block Category

Issue: User blocked “Alcohol & Tobacco” category in the firewall so all websites falling under specific category is getting blocked. But user needs to allow “www.originportal.com.au” this specific website. Unfortunately it was falling under same category. Troubleshooting: First we need to identify, which web policy is blocking this website. To check that, click on log viewer option at the top […]

Website Is Not Accessible Through Sophos XG

Here in this article we will troubleshoot the issue when website is not accessible through sophos XG firewall. Issue: User is not able to access website through sophos XG firewall. He confirmed user is able to access the same website without sophos XG firewall. Troubleshooting: This issue could be of various reasons: If MTU value sent by web server is […]

Sophos XG: How to install SSL certificate in User devices

Overview: Here in this article we will discuss how to install SSL certificate in the client machines. Process: First step is to verify the HTTPS scanning certificate used under web protection >> General Settings As shown in the above screenshot, it is using security appliance SSL certificate. Go to certificates >> certificate authorities and download the above certificate in your […]