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Access Points Behind Red Are Not Showing Up In Pending Access Points Sophos XG

Issue: Here in this article we will discuss how to sort out the issue when sophos access points behind red are not able to connect to sophos XG firewall configured in standard or transparent split mode. Troubleshooting: When we are configuring RED interface in standard split mode or transparent split mode only the traffic destined to networks mentioned in split […]

Sophos XG: How to configure wireless network

Overview: In this article we will understand how to configure wireless network in sophos XG firewall. Process: Turn on wireless protection: First turn on the wireless protection under wireless >> wireless settings as follows In the allowed zones section add the network zones used to connect the access points. In time out tab, enter a time out value. The access […]

Sophos XG: Access point is not coming in pending AP list

Issue: In this article, we will troubleshoot the issue access point is not showing in pending access point list. Troubleshooting: If access point needs to come under pending access point list, the following requirements needs to be satisfied. Step-1: Access point must get IP from DHCP server either DHCP server could be sophos XG firewall or external DHCP server. Please […]