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Configure Port Forwarding In Fortigate Firewall

Here in this article we will understand how to configure port forwarding in fortigate firewall.

Here requirement is, when someone from internet accessing firewall WAN port on “8888”, request should forward to “8884” on specific internal machine.

Sample Network diagram as below


First we need to define port forwarding under policy & objects >> Virtual IP>> create new>> Virtual IP

Fill the fields based on your requirement, for my requirement i have configured as shown below:

VIP type: IPV4

Name:Give any name

Interface:You can give external interface on which external IP configured

Type: Static NAT

External IP address/ Range: Give your external IP address (

Map to IPv4 address/Range: Give your internal IP address (

Enable Port Forwarding:

External Service Port: 8888

Map to IPV4 Port: 8884



Then click on save.

Now we need to configure firewall policy to allow this traffic from external to internal network:

Configuring Firewall Policy:

Name: Give any name for firewall policy

Incoming Interface: Select incoming interface which is connected to external network

Outgoing Interface: Select outgoing interface which is connected to internal machine

Source: If you want to give access to this port forwarding for all machines you can select all, if you want specific public IP address to be selected you can select that specific public IP.

Destination: Select VIP object which you have configured earlier.

Service : ALL

Action:  set it as accept

NAT:  You can disable it as the traffic is coming from external to internal network

Security Profiles:  Based on your requirement you can select security profiles like IPS, AV or other features.

Then click on save the policy.

Reference screenshot:



Then click on enable policy and save it.

Hope this article helps you:)