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Configure RDP Bookmarks With Clientless Access VPN


Here in this article we will discuss how to configure clientless access VPN.

Note: Clientless access will only work if your keyboard language is configured to US English regardless of its layout.


First login to admin console of firewall and click on bookmarks under VPN tab

Sample Bookmark

Follow the bookmark details as per your requirment

Name: Enter the name of bookmark

Type: Select RDP service as we are creating bookmark for RDP

URL: Enter the private IP address of RDP machine.

Port: Since RDP service runs on port 3389 enter that port.

Automatic Login: If you enable this option, it will be asking for your username and password to login automatically as shown below

Automatic login
Automatic Login

Protocol Security: Based on your requirement you can select specific protocol. Generally if you are connecting from external network try to use TLS as it is secure.

Once bookmark is configured it will be shown like this

RDP bookmark

Now we have created bookmark, we need to add it under clientless access tab as shown below

Clientless access

Name: Enter name for clientless access.

Policy members: Enter the specific group who can use this clientless access VPN.

Published bookmark: Add the specific RDP bookmark. So the policy members can connect to RDP machine in bookmark.

Accessing the bookmark:

Once you configure clientless VPN. Login to sophos XG firewall user portal with one of the policy members credentials and click on SSL VPN.

At the bottom of the page, clientless VPN icon will be shown like the below image.

Clientless VPN client
User Portal client

Now click on connect.

Hope this article helps you