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How To Advertise BGP Routes Even There Is No Exact Prefix Match In Routing Table

Here in this article we will understand how to advertise routes through IBGP even if there is no exact prefix match in routing table.

By default, IBGP will advertise prefix only if there is an exact match in the routing table.

To change this default behavior, you need to disable “network-import-check” under BGP settings. By disabling this check, IBGP will be able to advertise the routes even if there is no prefix match or even if interface is down.

Commands To Be Executed:

config router bgp

set network-import-check {enable/disable}


By following the above commands we can skip this check for all networks globally.


You can also disable the network import check per network under BGP settings.

config router bgp

config network

edit <id>

set network-import-check {global/enable/disable}



Global: Global means, this check will follow the setting whatever we have defined under BGP global settings.

Enable: Enabling the network import check per network.

Disable: Disabling the network import check per network.

Hope this article helps you 🙂