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How to allow internet for single user in sophos XG firewall


Here in this article we will learn how to allow complete internet for single user through sophos XG firewall


This can be done by two methods, if the firewall was able to detect user then we can create firewall rule by adding concerned user in firewall rule or you can create firewall rule based on MAC address of that user machine.

Adding user in firewall rule:

Click on rules and policies and add new firewall rule as shown below:

Firewall Rule

Enable match known users and add the concerned user as shown below:

Adding user

Through this rule only specific user can access complete internet.

Adding user’s MAC address in firewall rule:

Click on hosts and services and add object for MAC address as shown below

Test MAC

Now add this object in place of source network in the concerned firewall rule as shown below

MAC firewall rule

Now users with this MAC address can access internet.

Hope this article helps you.