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How To Allow Single Website And Block Category


User blocked “Alcohol & Tobacco” category in the firewall so all websites falling under specific category is getting blocked. But user needs to allow “” this specific website. Unfortunately it was falling under same category.


First we need to identify, which web policy is blocking this website. To check that, click on log viewer option at the top

Log viewer

Once you click on log viewer option, click on policy test and test this policy as shown below

website blocked
Policy Test

In place of URL enter specific website URL address

In place of source IP address enter the computer IP address from which you are accessing website.

From the above test, we can clearly identify this website is being blocked by firewall rule named “test6“, it is falling under “Alcohol & Tobacco” category and it is matching web “Default Policy“.

So our requirement is to allow only “” not entire “Alcohol & Tobacco” category. For that, we need to assign this URL “” to one URL group and add this URL group to the same web policy and allow it. I will explain in detail in following steps.

First click on web >> URL group, add URL group and enter this URL :”

test url group
web URL group

Then click on web >> user activity, and create one user activity and add this specific URL to that user activity as shown below

test user activity
User activity

Add this user activity to the concerned web policy named “Default policy” under Web >> policies

drugs category
drugs and controlled substances

Alcohol and Tobacco” category is listed in “Drugs and controlled substances” user activity.

Now we need to create one web policy rule above this rule and add “testuseractivity” which is holding that specific website “” and allow that as shown in image below

add rule above
Add rule above
web policy rule
allow website

After creating rule on above under status option enable it.

Once you allow this website, you can save it by clicking on “apply changes”.

Now the same web policy will be updated under concerned firewall rule.

Now you can click on policy test and check if website is being allowed.

allow website
Policy test allow

As you can see now, web site is allowed by the same firewall rule and falling under same category “alcohol & tobacco” but it was allowed by “testuseractivity“.

In the same way you can allow only “facebook” website and block entire “social networking” category.

Hope this article helps you.