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How To Block All Email Sites Through Sophos XG Firewall

Here in this article we will understand how to block all email sites through sophos XG firewall. We need to create web policy to block web email and then install https certificate in user client machine. Let us understand step by step process.

Configure Web Policy To Block Web Email:

Login to Sophos XG firewall and click on Web and then click on User activities tab and click on Add. Create new user activity and add web email category into that user activity as shown in image below.

User activity
Email user activity

Now save that user activity.

Click on Web and then click on Policies tab identify the web policy used for LAN to WAN firewall rule

Web policy
Default policy

Now click on the “+” icon in the concerned web policy rule as shown in the image below:

Default policy
Add Rule

You can select either add rule above or add rule below and then create block rule for the Email sites as shown in image below.

Block email sites
Block email web policy

Enable the web policy rule and Save the web policy.

Integrate Web Policy In Sophos XG Firewall Rule

Identify the concerned firewall rule in sophos XG firewall (LAN to WAN)

Firewall rule

Under web filtering make these changes

In the web policy select default policy, enable “select HTTPS and decrypted HTTPS” and enable “Use web proxy instead of DPI engine

Web filtering in firewall rule
Web filtering

Save the firewall rule.

Since you enabled “Scan HTTP and decrypted HTTPS” you need to import the SSL certificate in user browser.

For importing SSL certificate to user browser, please follow this article:

SSL certificate

Now try to access those websites, they should be blocked as shown in image below:







Hope this article helps you.