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How to block any website in sophos XG firewall


Here in this article we will discuss how to block any website in sophos XG firewall


The first step when you are blocking any website is to identify whether it is HTTP or HTTPS website. If it is HTTPS website you need to install SSL certificate in all the user machines.

You can refer to this article to install SSL certificate in each of the user machines

SSL certificate Installation

Let’s take an example to block “

First step is to identify the given URL belongs to which category. For that we need to access Diagnostics >> URL Category Lookup

URL category lookup

The given URL “” belongs to Dynamic DNS & ISP Sites.

Dynamic DNS & ISP Sites.” belongs to “Private homepages” user activity as shown below.

User activity

Now you need to create one web filter rule under “Web >> Policies” and add “Private homepages” user activity to the web filter rule and block it.

Block Rule

Then add this rule to the concerned firewall rule as shown below

Web filter policy

Make sure to enable HTTP and decrypted HTTPS option in firewall policy, it is needed to block some HTTPS websites.

Hope this article helps you.