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How To Block Website In Fortigate Firewall

Here in this article we will discuss how to block website using fortigate firewall. Lets say internal machine is connected to port3 and you are trying to block website “” using fortigate firewall.

First lets create webfilter to block “” website, Click on security profiles >> webfilter and then click on specific security web filter profile.

Click on URL filter under static URL filter, create new URL filter to block “”

URL: *

Type: Wild card

Action: Block

Status: Enable

url filter

Then click on Save in web filter profile.

Now we need to insert this web filter profile in specific firewall policy which will allow that internal machine to access internet.

Identify the specific firewall policy under “Policy Objects >> Firewall Policy “, under security profiles field, enable Web Filter and select the web filter profile which we have created earlier.

Then click on save option in the firewall policy.

Now you can try to access the website “”, it will be blocked.


Hope this article helps you 🙂