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How To Configure Web Policy Override In Sophos XG Firewall


Here in this article we will discuss how to configure web policy override in sophos XG firewall. Suppose we have created web policy to block website for all users, and at the same time administrator needs to configure specific privilege to some users to decide themselves to access the website which is blocked. Users can access the websites by entering access code which can be understand in the next steps.

To configure web policy override, click on Web >> General Settings, scroll down till you find policy overrides section.

Enable Policy override

You can select concerned users and groups under Authorized users and groups

Under Block websites and categories, you should mention websites which cannot be bypassed by anyone.

If we enable Allow Manual access code entry the access code can be entered manually which will be understood more clearly in next steps.

general settings
Web policy override

Login to sophos user portal with the specific user credentials which you have added under “users and groups“. Once you have added that user in web policy override, web policy override option will be enabled once the user logged in his user portal

user portal
web policy override

Click on “Add Web Policy Override” and add specific websites which can be bypassed with “access code

web policy override
Web policy override

Fill the web policy override details:

Session Name: Enter web policy override name

Access Code: This access code will be generated automatically, we can also enter manually if “manual access entry code ” is enabled under “web >> general settings“.

Manual code entry
access entry code

Allowed Websites: In this section, you need to add the websites which can be bypassed by specific users.

Allowed Categories: In this section, we need to add the categories which can be bypassed by specific users.

Restricted To Time Period: In this section, you can select time schedule in which this rule will be applied.

Save Web policy override.

Once you have created web policy overrides, it will be shown in your user portal as shown in image below.

My policy overrides
Policy Override

Once user is accessing the website ““, it will show blocked web page as shown in image below

website blocked
Website blocked

As shown in above image, you can enter the access code generated in user portal. Then concerned user will be able to access the website.

Hope this article helps you.