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How to configure XG firewall to send notifications


Here in this article we will understand how to configure email notifications in sophos XG firewall, so that users can receive any alerts related to firewall.

Ensure you have enabled email notifications under System services >> Notifications List


Login to the sophos XG firewall and click on Administration >> Notification settings

You can send notification directly from sophos firewall email server or you can user external mail server as shown below

Mail Server
Email server

First We will understand how to configure external mail server

External Mail Server
External Mail Server

Under Mail server IPv4 address/FQDN give your mail server IP address from which you would like to send email notifications

Then enter the port you want to connect with mail server under port tab.

In place of username tab enter the sender email address and in place of password give the specific username password

Connection Security:

  • None: Sends notifications over unencrypted connection (so you need to configure port 25 in the above setting)
  • STARTTLS: Follows the mail server’s security preference (You need to configure port 587 or 25 based on mail server preference)
  • SSL/TLS: Enforces this encryption (You need to configure port 587 in the above port setting)

Email Settings

In place of Sender email address configure email address mentioned in the username

In place of recipient email address configure recipient to whom notifications should be sent.

If you want your email to go through specific interface, you need to add that specific interface.

Built In Email Server Settings:

You will get the settings as shown below when you select built in server

Built in Mail Server
Built In Server

In place of from email address, you can give any duplicate email.

In place of recipient email address, give the concerned recipient mail address and management interface settings are same as follows.

Hope this article helps you.

In case if you have any doubts, please post in comment section.