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How To Connect To Sophos XG Firewall Through Console Cable

Here in this article we will discuss how to connect to sophos XG firewall through console cable using putty software. Before going to the process you need to download putty to the computer.

Identify the com port in the sophos XG firewall, it will be noted with com port as shown in the below image

COM port

Once you identify the console cable, connect that one end of the cable to firewall as shown in image below. Other end of the console cable should connect to computer (Sometimes USB port will act as console port) by installing proper drivers.

Firewall COM port

Right click on windows option and then click on “Device Manager” as shown in below image

Device Manager

Identify the Ports (com & LPT) section in device manager and click on drop down list and we will see the serial port which is connected. Sometimes to make USB port as console cable, we need to update the driver by doing right click on the concerned port.

Device Manager

Here COM port is COM3, so we need to use this COM port in putty software.

Installation Instructions:

Now its time to open putty software and connect to console of the firewall.

Open Putty, and select “serial” option in the serial line keep it “COM3” and keep speed as “38400” as shown in image below


“Then select “serial” option from the left tab in putty, and keep flow control bit to None” as shown in image below

Putty flow control

Hope this article helps you.