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How To Create Local Firewall Administrator With Complete Privilege In Fortigate Firewall

Hello Team

Here in this article we will understand how to add administrator in fortigate firewall.

Please follow the below steps to add administrator in fortigate firewall.

Steps To Follow:

Login to fortigate firewall GUI.

Under System >> Administrators >> Create New >> Administrator

You can refer below screenshot:

Please configure as below:

Username: Give some name to administrator

Type: Local user

Password: Give some password to administrator and enter again for confirmation.

Administrator Profile: Give super admin privilege, it will give access to complete firewall.

Enable two factor authentication as per your requirement and assign forti token to the newly created administrator and assign email address to the administrator. So whenever admin login for the two factor authentication code will be sent to email address mentioned here in this setting.

Enable Restrict Login Trusted Hosts so that admin can login only from the IP address mentioned in this setting “Trusted Host 1”

Now you can access firewall and login with newly created administrator.

Hope this article helps you.