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How To Create Static Route In Fortigate Firewall

Here in this article we will understand how to configure static route in fortigate firewall.

Static route will let you know how to pass the traffic towards specific interface to reach the destination.

Lets say your requirement is want to pass the traffic for specific IP address towards specific interface you can configure static route.


Here the requirement is we should insert a static route in firewall to make this network “” to reach internet


Under network >> static routes >> Click on create new

Destination: Since you want to reach the internet, you should keep

Gateway address: You should use ISP gateway IP

Interface: You can select ISP interface

Admin distance: You can select admin distance value, if you have multiple ISP make sure you have same admin distance else the route with high distance will become inactive


Now when you are accessing any public IP from the internal network, first the request will reach the firewall. Now firewall will check in routing table (get router info routing-table details)if it do not have policy routes and SDĀ  WAN rules configured

Now the firewall should point the default route towards ISP as per the static route, it will forward traffic towards ISP if there is any matching firewall policy.

Hope this article helps you