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How To Download Reports Sophos XG


Here in this article we will discuss how to download reports from sophos XG firewall.


Click on reports and go to applications and web tab

Under show option, you can search for different categories such as Blocked user apps, user risks and usage as shown in below image


Based on the category we selected under show option, view all options will be displayed. For example for Blocked user apps category, options will be as shown below.

View All Options
Blocked User Apps

We can generate report in specific period by mentioning time stamp as shown below

Time Stamp

Once you select time stamp click on generate, to generate the reports.

Time period

We can also download the reports in PDF or HTML or CSV. You can also bookmark the reports by clicking on the bookmark tab as shown in below image


Once you click on Bookmark tab, you will be asked to select the bookmark as shown in below image


We can also schedule the reports by clicking on reports section as shown in below image


Name: Enter the report name.

To email address: Enter the recipient email address.

Email Frequency: You can set email frequency either Daily or Weekly.

Report Period: You can set report period to previous day or since midnight.

Check report retention period under Data management:

Note: To check retention period of reports, you have to login to sophos XG firewall as administrator.

Click on Reports >> Show report Settings >> Data Management

Retention Period
Retention Period

We will get to know the report retention period for different categories. If the report exceed this time span, it will be erased automatically.

Hope this article helps you.