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How To Increase Log Disk Storage In Fortigate Firewall

Here in this article we will understand how to increase the log storage in fortigate firewall. Log disk is a hard disk in fortigate firewall which will help to store logs based on its capacity for certain time.

To check if the log disk is available or not in your fortigate firewall, you can use this command “get sys status

In the generated output, if you could see this line “Log hard disk: Available” it means log disk is available.

In the generated output, if you could see this line “Log hard disk: Not Available” it means log disk is not available.

Now by default logs will be generated in fortigate log disk for 7 days based on the setting here:

#config log disk setting

#set maximum-log-age 7


You can change that number 7 to number of days you require that logs to store. Lets say if i want to store the logs for 20 days, you can use below commands:

#config log disk setting

#set maximum-log-age 20


Now the logs will be stored for 20 days in the log disk. In case if the storage capacity is reached in the log disk, old logs will be deleted and overriden.

Hope this article helps you.