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How to increase maximum live users in sophos XG


Here in this article we will describe how to increase live users limit in sophos XG firewall. From sophos 17 Mr5 firewall live users default limit is 12,288 and we can increase upto 32,768 users from the backend.


First login to sophos firewall command line. You can use the following article for the same:

SSH firewall

Go to device console and type this command “system auth max-live-users show” as shown below

Max live users

Now to increase the maximum live users in command line using the below command “system auth max-live-users set <8192-32768>

If you want to increase the maximum user limit for the firewall, you need to set maximum number of live users in the range of 8192-32768. Values must be an increment of 4096. (For example: 8192, 12288, and so on).

Suppose if your current limit for live users is 12288, the next number should be 16384 (12288 + 4096) as shown in below image

Live user increase

After reboot these settings will be applied.

Hope this article helps you.