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How to test internet speed from sophos XG firewall


Here in this article we will discuss how to test internet speed from sophos XG firewall.


First we need to login to sophos XG firewall. You can use following article to login to sophos XG firewall.

Sophos XG CLI

Once you login to firewall, you will get these option. Enter “5” and go to “Device Management” as shown below

Device Management
Device Management

Then enter advanced shell by entering option “3“.

Now type this command “wget –no-check-certificate” to download speedtest python script. Once you enter this command output will be similar this below image.

Speed test download
Speedtest download

You can execute “ls speed*” command to check if the file has downloaded in that location as shown below.

Speed test file
Speedtest file

Once the file is downloaded, execute this command “python” command to test speed directly from sophos XG firewall WAN link. The result of this output is actual speed getting from the ISP. In case if its not matching the actual speed, you need to check at your cabling with ISP.

This is the output from my firewall CLI:

test speed
Speedtest output

In case of mismatching speed with ISP type “ifconfig <wan-port>” and check for any packet drops. Packet drops leads to reduction of speed. In my case Port2 is the WAN port, this command “ifconfig Port2” will help to see packet drops as shown in below image.

Dropped Packets
Packet drops

If there are any dropped packets try to replace the cable, if there are still drops keep switch in the middle of ISP and firewall. If you are still not getting the correct speed check with ISP.

Hope this article helps you.