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How To Upgrade/Downgrade The Firmware In Sophos XG

Downgrade Firmware In Sophos XG

Login to the sophos firewall and click on Backup and firmware and then click on Firmware tab

firmware tab in sophos xg
Backup and Firmware

Active version will be identified by yellow icon and inactive version will not have any status. So as per the above screenshot he is using 18.0.5 firmware and inactive version is 18.0.4 firmware.

Before downgrading the firmware, please take backup. Normally its not needed, configuration will be automatically downgraded. Just to avoid the worst scenario i am suggesting the back up. Go to Back up and firmware and click on Backup and Restore tab. Click on Backup now and set it to local and download the backup

back up
Backup Now

Once you download the backup then click on back up and firmware tab again and click on refresh button beside “18.0.4” version.

18.0.4 firmware

Once you click on that option, it will prompt you whether you were ready to upgrade the firmware


Click on okay, firmware will be downgraded now Now it will be logged in with 18.0.4 firmware as shown in below image

18.0.4 firmware

Upgrade Firmware:

Now we will learn how to upgrade the firmware in sophos XG firewall. First click on Backup and Firmware and click on Firmware tab

firmware tab
Backup and firmware

Here current version is “18.0.4” as it is having yellow status and we need to upgrade the firmware to “18.0.5“. As suggested previously before upgrading take backup.

Then click on refresh icon behind 18.0.5 firmware as shown in the below image


It will ask for confirmation, once you confirm the firewall will start booting up and firmware will be upgraded to 18.0.5

18.0.5 firmware


1.It will hardly take 5 minutes either to downgrade or upgrade the firmware in sophos XG firewall.

2. As suggested above, it is advisable to take backup before upgrading or downgrading sophos XG firewall.

Hope this article helps you