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How to view web reporting for users in sophos XG


In this article we will describe how to configure web reporting for users.


  1. Ensure sophos firewall should be able to identify users. For example configure active directory, STAS, captive portal authentication etc.
  2. Log traffic option should be enabled in the firewall rule to generate reports.
Log traffic
Log Traffic

3. We need to enable the concerned web policy in firewall rule as shown below.

Web Policy
Web Filtering

View Web Surfing Reports For a User:

First you need to click on custom under reports section and select custom web report in the show tab.

Custom web report
Custom Web Report

Under Report Type it can be summary or detail, if you select detail tab it will take some time to compute.

You will have option to select option Domain/URL/Category/IP address based on your requirement.

If you want to view the concerned user details, you can select user option or you can also search for group based on your requirement.

Note: If you do not enter username or group name it will generate reports for all the defined users or groups.

Note: If we do not enter specific domain, it will generate reports for all Domains/URLs/Category/IP address

For example, if i want to view the reports for the specific user “seshu“, i need to enter his username as shown in below image.

Generate web report
Web Report

Hope this article helps you