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Live users disappearing after some time sophos XG


I have Live Users registered both through Heartbeat and STAS. Those PCs with Heartbeat (Sophos Endpoint Intercept-X) are excluded from STAS so the two mechanisms don’t clash. I am finding that although the users appear in Live Users when they log on, they then disappear (about 10-30 minutes) even though the user is still logged on to the PC.

This applies to both Heartbeat and STAS but rather than confuse the two issues I thought it best to concentrate on one at a time, hence this post dealing with the Heartbeat issue.


Click on Services under authentication menu and scroll down Maximum Session Time Out value. If the value set to 10 minutes, users will be disconnected after 10 minutes.

Maximum Session time out
Maximum Session Time Out

Maximum Session Time Out:

The Maximum Session Timeout is the time in minutes for which a user is logged into sophos XG. Exceeding the period configured, user is logged out automatically and user must re-authenticate. 

It is better to keep big number, to avoid any disconnections.

Hope this article helps you