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Live users list in STAS not synchronized with XG firewall

Issue: Some users in STAS live users tab not showing up in sophos XG current activities >> live users tab

Live users tab
Live users


  1. When configuring AD authentication server in sophos XG firewall, if user enters invalid credentials then server and firewall cannot communicate with each other.
  2. If user surfing quota is completely used, then user will not be showed under sophos XG live users tab.
  3. The user’s network traffic quota might be exceeded the limit.
  4. Access will be denied if user tries to access the internet beyond the time limit configured in access time policy
  5. It could also happen if user login restriction configured based on IP address.

If any of the above listed conditions met then sophos XG firewall cannot synchronize the live users list with the STAS client.

Hope this article helps you.