A client uses a model-driven app that is deployed by using a managed solution in the production environment. The app contains only entities and UI components and has no custom code or extensions to the platform. The client needs an exact copy of the app with a different name in the production environment. You need to recreate this app in production without disrupting the end users. What should you do?

A. Select the original model-driven app, select Edit, and then select Save As.
B. Create a new model-driven app. Select the Use existing solution to create the App check box, and then select the solution that contains the original app.

C. Select the managed solution and select Clone.
D. Create a new model-driven app, manually add each component, and then recreate its original functions.
E. Add the original app to a solution, export it as unmanaged, import it into a test environment and rename it, and then deploy it back into production.

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