A legal company uses SharePoint for document and records management. You search all documents by using extractors and managed properties. FAST Query Language (FQL) is enabled for the result sources, and the content of the document is indexed as full text. All documents are named by using the following pattern: “AAA-Axxxx-AA”. You must find documents that were created in May 2012 and contain the ordered keywords “liable”, “advocate”, and “adjudication”. Results that are returned must include only document names that begin with “HCT-Q” and end only with “AB”. You need to create the FQL query that returns the required results. Which FQL statements should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. Write> =05/01/2012 and write<=05/31/2012
B. string(‘liable advocate adjudication”, mode=”onear”)
C. title:HCT-Q*
D. title:HCT-Q????-AB
E. NEAR (liable, advocate, adjudication)
F. write:range (2012-05-01, 2012-05-31)

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