Introductory Info Overview – General Overview – You are a history teacher at a school that has students between the ages of 11 and 18.

Description of Students – You class contains 30 students who are 12 and 13 years old. Learning and Teaching Environment The school has the following Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources: Two networked computer labs that each contains 30 desktop computers. All of the computers are connected to the Internet through a Web filtering firewall. All of the computers are connected to a pool of printers and to a flatbed scanner. 16 laptop computers that have a wireless connection to a pool of printers and to the Internet. Five digital cameras, two video cameras, and one digital voice recorder. Video-editing software installed on all of the computers. A Learning Management System (LMS) used for the following tasks: The students use the LMS to submit their work, access resources uploaded by the teachers, communicate with their teachers, and access discussion forums. The teachers use the LMS to upload resources for the students, assign homework, collect assignments, and grade their students’ work. The school administration uses the LMS to create schedules and to track student performance data.

Planned Changes – You plan to help the school make better use of its existing ICT resources. The school administration also asks you to identify opportunities to use the ICT resources during your history lessons.

Teacher Problem Statement – The school reports that neither the teachers nor the students use the ICT resources. Also, when the ICT resources are used, they are often used for tasks that do not enhance learning. You inform the school administration that you are interested in using new technologies during your lessons. The administration asks you to find opportunities within your subject area to develop the use of ICT resources.

Student Problem Statement – The students report that they often find historical sources in a foreign language, which hinders them from completing their assignments.

Objectives – Learning Objectives – Develop the students’ understanding of past societies and of how these societies shaped the world during the twentieth century. Professional Development Objectives You identify the following professional development objectives: Develop new approaches to using digital technologies for the teaching of history. Develop new approaches to using source materials for the teaching of history.

Organizational Goals – The school plans to increase the use of technology during teaching.

Planned Activity – You plan to run a learning activity that will include the following tasks: The students split into small groups, and each group identify a theme or a historical event. The students select and edit digital images that illustrate the theme or the event. The students create a poster to demonstrate their learning. The students display their posters to their peers.

Question As an extension activity to the planned learning activity, you ask some of the students to contact external experts to gather additional information about the historical events. You want to ensure that the students use an appropriate means of communication when they contact the experts. What should you advise the students to use? This item is part of a case study. To view the case study information, click on the Case Study button below.

A. their personal mobile phone
B. an anonymous online forum
C. a generic email account of the school
D. their social network account
  Discussion forum


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