Introductory Info Overview – General Overview – You are a language teacher in a lower secondary school. Learning and Teaching Environment You have 30 students in your class of mixed ability. The students are 14 years old. Your school recently set up a computer lab. The computer lab contains the following equipment: One computer for the teacher One data projector One monochrome laser printer Two flatbed scanners Six digital cameras, three of which record still images and video 25 networked computers for the students. The school has an intranet and is connected to the Internet. The intranet contains a central storage location for all of the information required by the teachers and other school staff.

Objectives – Learning Objectives – The students will be able to expand their understanding of how language is used persuasively.

Learning Activities – You want to teach a native language lesson on persuasive writing. The lesson focuses on how to use language persuasively by examining the way language is used in advertising, promotional material, slogans, headlines, titles, catch-phrases, quotes, and famous speeches. You plan to use examples of persuasive writing that are closely related to the students’ interests, such as advertisements aimed at the youth market. To help achieve the learning objective, you ask the students to bring to class printed examples of the persuasive writing they collected during the previous week’s lesson. Professional Development Objectives Your professional development objectives for the year are to: use ICT effectively for teaching and learning; incorporate appropriate ICT activities into lesson plans so as to support students’ acquisition of school subject matter knowledge; and integrate the use of ICT into the curriculum by observing other teachers who incorporate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into their lessons.

Question You want to identify the primary benefit of using ICT during the persuasive writing lesson. Which benefit should you identify? This item is part of a case study. To view the case study information, click on the Case Study button below.

A. In today’s world, writing is mostly done on a computer.
B. ICT helps students develop word processing skills.
C. The computer lab is used regularly.
D. Word processing applications allow students to easily edit and modify text.
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