Introductory Info Overview – General Overview – You are a teacher at a secondary school. You are also the chairperson of a school committee comprised of members of the school administration and the team responsible for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the school.

Description of Students – The students at the school are between the ages of 15 and 18. Learning and Teaching Environment The school has a computer lab. The students use the lab frequently. All of the teachers have laptop computers that they use for teaching and administrative tasks. All of the teachers access the school’s network and the Internet by using a wireless connection.

Planned changes – The school plans to implement the following additional ICT resources: An intranet A student management system (SMS) One laptop for each student. The laptops will contain curriculum content and will be connected to the school’s network

Objectives – Learning Objectives – The students will be able to develop collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills and use ICT resources in all their subjects. Professional Development Objectives The professional development objectives for the teachers are: Teachers design learning tasks that effectively incorporate ICT resources. Teachers implement learning tasks that can be performed either at school or at home.

Learning Activities – The teachers plan to use video-conferencing to enable the students to collaborate with peers and communicate with subject matter experts in various fields.

Organizational Goals – The school aims to have ICT integrated into all subjects’ teaching and learning. The school aspire to qualify for a sponsorship to help implement planned ICT changes. To qualify for the sponsorship, the school must write a compelling proposal stating how the new ICT resources will be used to further learning objectives. The school plans to encourage collaborative learning skills and independent learning skills. As part of the initial steps to writing the proposal, the school recognizes the need to convene a stakeholder meeting attended by the teachers, the school management and administration, and the students’ parents. Once the school implements the planned changes, the teachers will be expected to incorporate student’s laptops during their lessons.

Question How does giving each student their own laptop enhance collaborative learning? This item is part of a case study. To view the case study information, click on the Case Study button below.

A. The students can digitally share their work and their ideas.
B. The students can connect with their peers outside of the classroom without being interrupted by the teachers.
C. The students will feel free to exchange their views with one another anonymously during lessons.
D. The students can work together without any guidance from a teacher.
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