Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution. After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen. You are the purchasing manager at a manufacturing company that makes audio equipment. You sign an agreement with a vendor to purchase 5,000 speaker cables, item C0001, at a discounted rate of $3.00 per cable. This agreement expires in exactly one year. You need to set up pricing information and track the fulfillment of the agreement. Solution: ✑ Create a trade agreement journal of type Price (purch.). ✑ Add a line for item C0001 for the vendor. ✑ Enter a unit price of $3,00 for a quantity up to 5,000 and enter an expiration date for next year. Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

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