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Your company has an on-premises network that contains an Active Directory domain. The domain is synced to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). All computers in the domain run Windows 10 Enterprise.
You are logged on as the local administrator on a Computer named Computer1.
A user named Mia Hamm has a computer named Computer2. Mia Hamm reports that she is experiencing problems with Computer2.
You want to use Event Viewer on Computer1 to view the event logs on Computer2.
What should you do?

A. On Computer1, run the Connect-WSMan -ComputerName “Computer1” cmdlet.
B. On Computer1, run the Get-Eventlog -List -ComputerName “Computer1” cmdlet.
C. On Computer1, log on as a domain administrator, then open Event Viewer and select the Connect to another computer ג€¦ option.
D. On Computer1, open the Windows Defender Firewall and enable the Remote Event Log Management inbound rule.

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