Occasionally a job that executes an existing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package does not complete and nothing is processed. You need to ensure that package logging occurs. Your solution must minimize deployment and development efforts. What should you do?

A. Create a reusable custom logging component.
B. Use the gacutil command.
C. Use the Project Deployment Wizard.
D. Run the package by using the dtexec /rep /conn command.
E. Add a data tap on the output of a component in the package data flow.
F. Create an OnErrorevent handler.
G. Use the dtutil /copy command.
H. Deploy the package by using an msi file.
I. Run the package by using the dtexec /dumperror /conn command.
J. Run the package by using the dtexecui.exe utility and the SQL Log provider. K. Deploy the package to the Integration Services catalog by using dtutil and use SQL Server to store the configuration.

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