On its website, a business is offering a flash sale. The website is hosted on Amazon EC2 instances with burstable performance that are part of an Auto Scaling group. When the CPU use exceeds 70%, the Auto Scaling group is set to deploy instances.

Users complain poor load speeds and error warnings for denied connections a few hours into the auction. A SysOps administrator is reviewing Amazon CloudWatch analytics and observes that CPU usage across the whole fleet of instances is at 20%.

The SysOps administrator must restore functionality to the website without modifying the network architecture.

Which solution will satisfy these criteria?
A. Activate unlimited mode for the instances in the Auto Scaling group.
B. Implement an Amazon CloudFront distribution to offload the traffic from the Auto Scaling group.
C. Move the website to a different AWS Region that is closer to the users.
D. Reduce the desired size of the Auto Scaling group to artificially increase CPU average utilization.
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