You administer a Microsoft SQL Server database server. One of the databases on the server supports a highly active OLTP application. Users report abnormally long wait times when they submit data into the application. You need to identify which queries are taking longer than 1 second to run over an extended period of time. What should you do?

A. use SQL Profiler to trace all queries that are processing on the server. Filter queries that have a Duration value of more than 1,000.

B. Use sp_configure to set a value for blocked process threshold. Create an extended event session.
C. Use the Job Activity monitor to review all processes that are actively running. Review the Job History to find out the duration of each step.
D. Run the sp_who command from a query window.
E. Run the DBCC TRACEON 1222 command from a query window and review the SQL Server event log.

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