You administer two Microsoft SQL Server 2012 servers named ProdSrv1 and ProdSrv2. ProdSrv1 is configured as a Distributor. Both servers are configured to use the Windows NT Service virtual accounts for all SQL Services. You are configuring snapshot replication from ProdSrv1 to ProdSrv2 by using ProdSrv2 as a pull subscriber. The distribution agent on ProdSrv2 regularly fails, displaying the following error message: “Cannot access the file. Operating system error code 5 (Access is denied.).” You need to configure the distribution agent by granting only the minimum required access to all accounts. What should you do?

A. Configure the SQL Server service on ProdSrv2 to use the Local System account.
B. Configure the SQL Server Agent service to run under a Windows domain account. Configure the Subscriber to use the SQL Server Agent service account. Grant EXECUTE permissions on xp_cmdshell to the Windows domain account.

C. Configure the Subscriber to use a Windows domain account. Grant READ access for the domain account to the ReplData share on ProdSrv1.
D. Grant EXECUTE permission on xp_cmdshell to the [NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT] account.

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