You are creating an application that will connect to the AgentPortal database by using a SQL login named AgentPortalUser. Stored procedures in the database will use sp_send_dbmail to send email messages. You create a user account in the msdb database for the AgentPortalUser login. You use the Database Mail Configuration Wizard to create a Database Mail profile. Security has not been configured for the Database Mail profile. You need to ensure that AgentPortalUser can send email messages. What should you do?

A. In the Database Mail Configuration Wizard, configure the Database Mail profile as a private profile for the AgentPortalUser account.
B. Disable the guest user in the msdb database.
C. Use the sysmail_help_profileaccount_sp stored procedure to add accounts to the Database Mail profile.
D. In the Database Mail Configuration Wizard, create an email account for each recipient’s email address in the Database Mail profile.

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