You are deploying a new SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) project to the test environment. A package in the project uses a custom task component. You need to ensure that the custom object is deployed on the test environment correctly. What should you do?

A. Run the package by using the dtexec /rep /conn command.
B. Create a reusable custom logging component.
C. Create an OnError event handler.
D. Use the gacutil command.
E. Use the dtutil /copy command.
F. Deploy the package to the Integration Services catalog by using dtutil and use SQL Server to store the configuration.
G. Run the package by using the dtexec /dumperror /conn command.
H. Use the Project Deployment Wizard.
I. Deploy the package by using an msi file.
J. Add a data tap on the output of a component in the package data flow. K. Run the package by using the dtexecui.exe utility and the SQL Log provider.

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