You are managing an e-commerce portal development project by using Microsoft PPM. In order to communicate the status of your project to your stakeholders, you want to create a real time project status report using Microsoft Excel in Office Online Services. You need to show information about your overall project status and late tasks on your status report. What should you do?

A. From the Report tab in Project Pro for Office 365, select the In Progress | Late Tasks report. Save the report as a .pdf file to the designated reports library in PWA.
B. From the Project Details view in PWA, change the filter to the Late Tasks filter and copy and paste the tasks into Excel. Save to the designated reports library in PWA.
C. From the English folder in the PWA Data Connections library, open the OData Task Data .odc data connection file.
D. From the Power Query tab in Excel, select the From other sources | From ODBC option to add data to the report.
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