You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to run a test case. During the previous run of the same test case, a bug was filed. The developer could not reproduce the bug. The test settings assigned to the test plan do not include an adapter to collect IntelliTrace data. You have created a test setting that includes the IntelliTrace data adapter. You need to re-run the test with the settings that have the IntelliTrace data adapter. What should you do?

A. Select the test case. Select the Run with option. Select the test setting that collects IntelliTrace information.
B. Select the test suite that contains the test case. Click Settings, then right-click IntelliTrace to enable it.
C. Open the test case. Click Settings to select the settings that have the IntelliTrace data adapter.
D. Run the test case with its default settings. Click View Results and locate the IntelliTrace file that was created when the test case was executed.

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