You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). Your development team is using Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 to associate requirements with source code and to automate builds. Your team has been testing against an old build. You want to assign a more recent automated build to the test plan. You need to review the requirements that have been affected between the current build and the new build before assigning it to your test plan. What should you do?

A. In the Properties View of the Plan activity, click Modify the Build In Use. Select the appropriate build in the Available builds. Review the Associated work items between selected builds list.
B. Set up a check-in policy that will force an association of a work item to the changeset.
C. In the Assign Build view of the Track tab, click Modify. In Filter for builds, select the appropriate build to preview the list of work items.
D. In the Queries view of the Track activity, create a custom query that lists all requirements that have the Fixed in Build field set to the new build. Run the build

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