You are working for a client in an existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment. The client requests a security change on a form named Form1 that already exists in the environment. Form1 contains a single data source and a grid object. The grid object queries on the data source. Form1 also has the following buttons located in the Action pane: ✑ one with the Name property set to CreateRecord, which creates new records in the data source, ✑ one with the Name property set to DeleteRecord, which deletes records in the data source, and ✑ one with the Name property set to RunMethod. There is a Display Menu Item with the Name property set to OpenForm1, the ObjectType property set to Form, and the Object property set to Form1. You need to create a privilege that allows roles containing the privilege to delete records on the form, but denies access to the RunMethod button. You create a new privilege named NewPrivelege1, and you add OpenForm1 as an entry point to NewPrivilege1. You set the AccessLevel to Delete on the OpenForm1 entry point. Which value should you set on the NeededPermission property on the RunMethod button?

A. Create
B. Manual
C. Correct
D. Delete

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