You have a database named Database1. Database1 has two stored procedures named Proc1 and Proc2 and a table named Table1. Table1 has millions of rows. Proc1 updates data in Table1. Proc2 reads data from Table1. You discover that when Proc1 is executed to update more than 4,000 rows, Proc2 is blocked. The block affects all rows, including those that are not being updated by Proc1. You need to ensure that when Proc1 is executing, Proc2 can access the data in Table1 that Proc1 is not updating. What should you change Proc1 to do?

More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.
A. Update less than 4,000 rows simultaneously.
B. Use the PAGLOCK table hint.
C. Wait for Proc2 to complete.
D. Use the ROWLOCK table hint.

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