You have an Exchange Server 2010 organization named You deploy a server that has Exchange Server 2013 installed. You plan to install eight additional servers that have exchange Server 2013 installed. You are a member of the Organization Management role group. You hire a temporary Exchange administrator named Temp1. The companys security policy states that all external consultants must have the minimum number of required permissions on the network. You need to ensure that Temp1 can install a server named Server5. The solution must meet the requirements of the security policy. Which two tasks should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. Run setup and specify the /newprovisionedserver:Server5 parameter.
B. Add Temp1 to the Delegated Setup management role group.
C. Add Temp1 to the Exchange Server role group.
D. Create a new management role and a new role assignment policy.
E. Run setup and specify the /roles:temp1 parameter
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