You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains several servers.
Users in the marketing department often send Information Rights Management (IRM)-protected email messages. The IRM-protected messages are excluded from eDiscovery searches.
You need to configure the Exchange Server Organization to ensure that the contents of the mailboxes of the marketing department users are searched for all messages that contain the word ProjectX. The solution must prevent the email messages from being deleted permanently.
Your user account is a member of the required role group.
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer present part of the solution.

A. Run the New-Mailbox cmdlet
B. Run the New-MailboxSearch cmdlet
C. Run the Set-IRMConfiguration cmdlet
D. Run the Search-Mailbox cmdlet
E. Export the results from the discovery mailbox to a personal folders (PST) file, and then use Microsoft Outlook to open the PST file.
F. Use Outlook on the web to open the discovery mailbox.

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